Bibliography of College Binge Drinking - Books

College drinking: Reframing a social problem/George W. Dowdall

This book examines college drinking as a social problem within higher education. It explains how high-risk drinking is defined, and assesses the evidence about how many students are binge drinkers and what kinds of behavioral and health problems they have as a consequence. The book also answers the crucial questions of why students binge drink and what mixture of personal and environmental factors produce binge drinking.  As with the other information that I have accumulated, this book adds still more to help one make the right decisions when looking at their position and how alcohol is affecting their life within the college environment.  Also it gives options for those in charge as to how these behaviors effect the students.  I have enjoyed doing this research and I have picked up some very useful information.  The book is simple and to the point.
The author: George W. Dowall is Professor of Sociology at Saint Joseph's University. He also has been a regular faculty member at Indiana University and Buffalo State and has held visiting appointments at UCLA, Penn, Brown, and Harvard. His publications include The Eclipse of the State Mental Hospital, Adventures in Criminal Justice Research, and journal articles on college drinking including one commissioned by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's Task Force on College Drinking. He serves on the Pennsylvania Advisory Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse and the Board of Directors of Security on Campus, Inc.

Dying to drink: confronting binge drinking on college campuses/Henry Wechsler and Bernice Wuethrich

This book warns that drinking on campus is taking a bigger toll than most of us realize. And it's not just the students themselves who pay: One estimate puts the cost of underage drinking at around $53 billion a year, including $18 billion associated with traffic crashes that threaten the general public--about 57 percent of frequent binge drinkers and 40 percent of occasional binge drinkers admit getting behind the wheel after drinking. The book also has interviews with students that speak of their personal blackout experiences and how they still get behind the wheel to drive.  So much information that can be used if you are writing a research paper.  I found this book very interesting as the dollar amounts that are spent and the number of students that actually are caught up in this behavior is amazing.  Good reading.

 Alcohol abuse/Ronnie D. Lankford

This book relates the adversities and the challenges that are faced by society in regards to alcohol with teens and college students. The discussions range from topics such as moderate alcohol comsumption may provide health benefits, how alcohol adversely effects adolescents, college campuses should regulate alcohol abuse, alcohol abuse harms adolescent development, binge drinking is a normal impulse and finally Twelve step programs help reduce alcohol abuse.

The truth about alcohol/Barry Youngerman

This book goes in to detail about the truth of various aspects of alcohol from Addictive behaviors, Advertising and Counter advertising Campaigns, Alcohol the History of Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol and Violence, Binge Drinking Among Teenagers,  Birth Defects and  Children of Alcoholics, Responsible Drinking and Driving, Drinking on College Campuses,Effects of Alcohol on the Body,
Hangover, Law and Drinking, The Peer Pressure and Alcohol, Recovery and Treatment, Risk-Taking, Self-Help Programs, Sexual Behavior and Alcohol, Underage Drinking, Hotlines and Help Sites

Binge: What Your College Student Won't Tell You : Campus Life in an Age of Disconnection and Excess/Barrett Seaman

This book is the author's take on college life as an adult to get the full modern day college experience.  He touches on such topics as daily life, how hard are students studying, the college alcohol crisis and the sex hook up.  This was a fun break from all the documentary information, just so first hand experiences that are not always spoken about when the topic of college life comes up.

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